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Want RIDE swag? Or just want to help us keep our community streets safe? DONATE NOW! We are always happy to accept anything you can give, but we also came up with some benchmarks that we feel should offer a reward to our supporters! Check out the donation levels below, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

Copper Donor

For donating $25, Copper Donors receive the following:

Green Shield “Thank You” card posted to your Facebook page and the Thank You page on our website (under construction), personalized for you.

Green Shield sticker

Silver Donor

For donating $50, Silver Donors will receive everything in the Copper level, plus:

A ballpoint pen with the RIDE logo

A “Green Shield” window decal

Gold Donor

For donating $100, Gold Donors receive both Silver and Copper perks, plus:

A t-shirt with the RIDE logo

A hand signed letter expressing our gratitude on fine stationery

Platinum Donor

For donating $200, Platinum Donors receive all of the other perks, plus:

A hoodie with the RIDE logo

RIDE refrigerator magenet

Diamond Donor

Diamond donors are all donors who donate $350 or more. Diamond donors will receive all above perks, plus:

One punch card good for seven rides

Plaque signifying your donation

Now that you’ve seen everything that you can get from RIDE, just click the donate button above and make sure to enter your address information for where you want your swag to be mailed!


Perks are based on annual donation amounts. Perks are mailed out once per year, in February, along with a donation receipt for tax purposes. When perks are calculated, annual balances are reset for the next year’s funding.

Monthly Donor

Monthly donors are donors who set a monthly recurring donation schedule of $25 or more each month. Donor perks remain the same based on annual donation level, plus:

One free ride home per month in the service area

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