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Don't take a taxi!

RIDE offers dedicated sober drivers for patrons of the Eugene and Springfield, Oregon area. We are committed to removing drunk drivers from our communities’ streets by offering various sponsorships, memberships, and other means of using our chauffeurs.

What we do is drive you home in your own vehicle. We will pick you up at home or at a bar, but we only perform a one way trip. We will not drop you off at another bar, stop for smokes, pick someone up, etc. You can have friends with you, as long as they all fit in the back seat, no one sits in the front with our chauffeurs. Guests must be going to owner’s destination, we will not drop them off on the way.

Our ULTIMATE goal is to offer RIDEs for free, but that is much further in the future when we can prove that our business warrants grants and endowments. To do so, we need hundreds of RIDErs, regularly, for a prolonged period of time. So, we do charge a fare even though we are a nonprofit, the nonprofit nature of our business just allows us to keep the prices much lower for profit sober driving services that we have found in other areas.

  • Any RIDE within 5 miles is a flat donation fare of $15
  • Any RIDE within 5 to 15 miles is a flat donate fare of $20, and
  • Any RIDE from 15 miles to Eugene or Springfield city limits is $25

We are willing to drive beyond city limits for a per mileage. As soon as city limits has been crossed, your flat rate converts to the $25 fare and $2.50 per mile is added to that.

How it Works

RIDE operates by driving you home in your own vehicle. We are not a taxi service, and we do not have the HappyDrivercapacity to drive people home in our vehicles. You must have valid liability insurance, and must show valid proof of insurance at pick up. Our chauffeurs will refuse service if you do not have insurance.

To get a chauffeur to drive you home:

  • Have your destination address available when scheduling rides, chauffeurs are dispatched based on destination location.
  • Have your insurance card and keys available when our chauffeur arrives.
  • Chauffeurs will only wait for a maximum of 5 minutes. Please make sure you are where you have agreed to be when you scheduled your pickup.
  • Cash or check only, no credit cards at the moment. Returned checks are subject to a return fee of $25. We will look into a card reader in the future if there is demand, but it costs per swipe so we’d rather not.


When Calling

When calling to schedule a pickup have the following four things ready:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your pickup location.
  3. Where your vehicle is parked.
  4. Finally, your destination address.

Punch Cards

Punch cards offer the ability to schedule one (1) pickup per evening, for a total of seven (7) pickups. Punch cards allow you to prepay for your chauffeur so you don’t have to worry about cash, and will allow for any destination within our service area.

Cost of our punch cards are $150.



Local organizations in our community can now help us and support our cause. As a sponsor, you will receive preferred ad space on our website and your logo will go on all paper marketing materials. If you are the owner or a bar or club, calls we receive from your establishment will receive priority service.

For more information please visit our Sponsors page or email sponsors@rideeugene.org

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